Server = Dumb

For some reason, the appache server keeps shutting itself down at random intervals during the day. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this, so don't hate me. It WILL be fixed. When? I don't know.
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no rush! you have a life outside of this site, i trust. it's only healthy.
God bless!
That's okay. It works fine at night. Which is when I postmost of my random crap.

And I agree with erinmarie down there. Server's suck. Go to the bar. It makes things better.

In my earlier years, with my experience with computers, I always thought that there's nothing that a hammer can't fix.

Thinking back on those times, however, I'm glad that I didn't give that advice to other people.
Thank you for all the work you do.
Ahhh, yes, 'tis annoying but I'm sure we'll all survive. :o)
Hey, no rush. I'm just glad that it is working sometimes. :-)
thank you for trying... :)
too late, I already hate you Scott.

the server needs to die!!

oh wait... it already did..
err sometimes it does

oh well
oh my god scott why do you CARE?

dood its called wordpad..... fuckin save your shit on that and post when [praise the lord jesus!] sit's back on.
Becca is wise. We should listen to her.
Thanks so much!! I'm very excited!!!!!!!
GrrrrrrArrrgggg...this server is starting to give me the shits something hard core....

hmmm.....i shore it shall be fixed in no time at all.....for now we will all just have to make do.
i cant figure out how to make it so i leave a picture when i leave a comment. its uploaded i just dont know how to do it. can u explain?
Can anyone help me please wth dis diary..Im a new user of this, I want to start with my diary but i dunno how.. I dont see any buttons or watever dat it says i have to click on or choose so i can start wiht it..Help pleaseeee..Thank you
Hey, (to anyone thinking of leaving SIT), why are you leaving? Is it because SIT is malfunctioning? This is the stupidest reason i can think of! Scott is doing his best! It's basically one guy running SIT! All of you ingrates need to think! SIT is the best out there! Why are you going to leave all of it? SIT will be running at max efficiency again sometime soon! You just need to have patience! INGRAETS!