Hi, Please list your Top Five Favorite Things About Winter now, if you'd like to. Also, please give good ideas for next week's list. Something Holiday-ish. Be Well, Sarah
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Top 5 Favorite Things About Winter:
1. Sarah
2. Sarah
3. Cold weather to wear jackets & scarves
4. Sarah
5. Soup & Sandwiches
1. Cold weather
2. watching the snow fall
3. snow
4. snowball fights with friends
5. scarves
Um... The cold weather and the cahnce to wear cosy and colourful scarfs and hats and gloves. And the resemblence my name has to winter ^^. Oh, and my birthday, which is good too.
Ice skatings great, too. But I cant go roller skating as often.
I like it when it gets dark early, and you can stay inside in the warm.

I forgot to mention that your bed in a thousand time more comfy in the winter for some reason.

Next week why dont ask people what they want for christmas or something? Or whats their favorate Christmas food?

1. Snow
2. Wearing cozy sweaters
3. Cuddling under a blanket
4. Drinking hot chocolate
5. wearing scarves and hats
Yeah, I like top 5 Christmas foods or presents or something. We don't really have winter here in south Texas, so a list of 5 might not be possible.
1) Snuggling under a blanket with my sweetie
2)Hot Chocolate
3)Beanie hats
4)fuzzy sweaters
5)Christmas lights
Okay, so it wasn't so hard!
01) Stylish, warm winter clothes
02) Christmas trees
03) Warm food feels good as well as tastes good
04) When you can see your breath
05) Signs of affection have an added bonus: warmth.

I like this one. =D
1. Sweaterrrrrrrrrrrrs. Mmmmmmmm...
2. Jackettttttsss!!
[I'm overly enthusiastic about those two]
3. Accessories [gloves, socks, hats, scarves]
4. Being able to see my breath outside
5. Rosy cheeks and the absolute necessity of chapstick

You could ask about our favorite holiday traditions. Or what everyone's doing for the break.

Ah, jackets and sweaters. I can't get enough of it.

[.1.]Snow days =)
[.2.]Watching the snow fall
[.3.]Staying indoors & keeping warm
[.4.]Purchasing presents
[.5.]Attaching sleds to the back of a 4 wheel drive truck. Whee!

You could always ask everyone what they want for Christmas.

1.Christmas candy and cookies
2.Hot chocolate
3.a fire in the fireplace
5.snow days!! week...i'ma think...
Top 5 things...
you want for christmas
you like most about christmas
you bought for other people
christmas songs/movies....
thats all i can think of..

1. SNOW!!!
2. better excuse for cuddling
3. hot tubbing when there's snow outside(and polar bearing=)
4. eggnog
5. skiing and snow angels and hot chocolate

As for what to do

-Favorite Christmas Presents You've Recieve
-Weirdest Presents You've Recieved
-Favorite Gifts You've Given
-Favorite Traditions

.......? Yeah, I have no clue.
1) Skiing :)
2) the snow
3) hot chocolate
4) cuddling into a blanket
5) ski bus rides....(nobody's gonna understand that one, sorry)
It sucks, I live in New Zealand.
It's summer here and it hardly ever
5 Things I Love About Summer:

1. Beaches.
2. Sinking your feet into the sand.
3. Swimming.
4. Laying on grass and staring at the sky with someone you love and having the warm rays shine on you.
5. Ice Cream
1) the wonderful feeling you get from loving and being loved.
2) giving gifts
3) loveloveloveloveloveeeee and more love.
4) festivities with friends&family
5) holding hands and having good fashion. (scarves, cute jackets)
1. holding hands ♥
2. loving feeling from everyone
3. christmas songs!
4. food!!!
5. knowing in your heart that its better to give than to receive :]
SNOW - everything glitters
sitting by a fire
sleeping in cuddly blankets
Holidays - birthday, Christmas, new years
this is a hard one
-being with loved ones
-watching people wipeout (just kidding)
-cudding up with a boyfriend or crush
-christmas and new years!!
Winter doesn't start till Dec 22


Hot Drinks
My birthday/Christmas
1..Drinking hot chocolate in mugs 2..Scarves 3)..Ice skating 4)..Garbage bag tobogganing 5)..Putting up decorations!
here they are in no specific order:

1. The Christmas specials on TV
2. The snow
3. Snuggling by the fireplace
4. Hot chocolate
5. Sledding
1. Snow
2. Warm Clothing
3. Hott drinks
4. Old Time Favorite Holiday Movies
5. Sharing this season with the one you love

snow angels
snow on my eyelashes
fireplace romance
1. Early nights, dark mornings
2. Sledding
3. Hot Cocoa
4. Christmastime, seeing my extended family
5. A break from school
are we ever going to see the outcomes of the lists?
In order for least-favorite to favorite...
5. Everyone's so cheery at Christmas..
4. Snow (It's rare where I live, though..)
3. I can wear a trenchcoat and heavy boots for no apparent reasion without getting treated like a freak.. ^^;
2.Gift getting!
1. No school!
1. sleeping next to my hot boyfriend (ow!)
2. being able to wear patterned stockings
3. being able to hide my misshapen body under layers of clothes
4. flushed cheeks
5. winter sports rock. soccer players have hot legs!
what about top five board/card games?

someone has already suggested this. i think it was korex.
1- Seeing friends you don't get to see much because of college.

and my fave!!!!: getting dumped by your girlfriend.
Yeah, I said card games. Board games is a good idea, though.

Top five holiday foods? Top five reindeer? Top five christmas carols? Top five yellow fruits?
wait....i HAVE IT for the next list.

top five famous people that you would [insert crude verb here] if you had half a chance.
Christmass Break
seeing family
ignoring family
1. Christmas Break
2. Snow
3. Seeing family
4. Getting Gifts
5. Christmas Carols
so...i am still not able to access my diary from there any other way to fix the problem...I entered in that code in the little command prompt thing...but that didn't if there is any other way...please let me know!!
1. My birthday
2. Xmas
3. no school
4. SNOW!
5. it means summer is coming up
1.seeing friends who are at college
2.cold weather chocolate

maybe you can make it top five christmas carols/songs... that's festive, right?
no school
more time with friends
hot chocolate
Xmas Eve Church Service

Shoulda made it about hate... I could went on longer.. lol. I'm a grinch.
-lack of leaves
-warm blankets.

♥ Jess.
I think you should go with top five holiday songs for next week.

*getting out of school to play


*playing with people in snow

*having boys keep me warm

*comfy sweaters
:: snow, snow, and more snow
:: Christmas
:: Not-so-hot weather
:: Vacations
:: FOOD!
1) snow
2) Christmas
3)no school :)
4) food :-P
5) my birthday
hi sry to go off topic but i cant find the email adress i write to to delete accounts if anyone can help me thanks.
I hate winter. It's cold. I live in Canada by the way, so unless you live up hear, you don't know cold. Unless you live in antarctica. Or Alaska.
Ice skating thats about it.
Is there somthing wrong with sit diary? i could save my hole entry, it saved but a sentence got left out at the end
how about whats your favorite christmas movie?
or holiday movie..cuz not everyone celebrates xmas
3)-Snowball fights!
2)-Romping in the snow with friends!
1)-When people trip on the ice!
1) Snow fights
2) SNOW!!
3) Christmas
4) seeing Family
5) Presents
6) Decorations
7) seeing people happy on christmas
hehe sorri it may sound weird but yeah hehehe ttyl
oops sorri i forgot it was only 5 lol
1. Gifts!
2. Family & Freinds!
3. Hot chocolate
4. R0sy cheeks, and lip balm! l0l
5. Cl0thes!! Sweaters, jackets, etc.!
__and my favorite: celebration of the season!_________
Hmmm lets see, This is what I like the most about winter and the holidays:

1.Tacky Cheap shops decorated for Christmas.
2.No School.
3.Those New Years eve parties in boxes.
4.Spending time with family and friends.
5.The look of excitement little kids have on Christmas Eve.
three things i can thin of
hey do you know where i have to go to get my diary deleted?
nup cant think of nething good bout winter...its rains every day...its not chrissie here in winter s dat dusnt nup..summer rox
1. the rain
2. christmas
3. the coldness/greyness
4. the winter clothes
5. long nights
in aust we have 100 months off.and its not winter its yeah.once again i love aust
1. getting all bundled up
2. christmas
3. spending time with family and friends
4. no school
5. the cold/snow

Do a survey on the Favorite 5 Christmas Presents You Ever Recieved.

1. pretty pretty snow!
2. sweaters
3. snowboarding
4. a christmas story (the movie)
5. two weeks off of school
1. putting up the christmas tree with my mom.
2. acting like a landscaper when decorating the front yard.
3. SNOW!!!!
5. getting to see all my friends come home from college and seeing all my family come together and be nice for a change...that includes me and my brother, too.
2.Hot cocoa
3.No school
3.cold weather =)
4.skiing/snowboarding (i like both) chocolate
christmas [break]
new years
sleeping in on break
how bout a top five list of ypur favorite top five lists
no school
no school
(wait i live in fl.!!!!)
hey would you happen to know how to deleat my diary? i dont want it anymore, and i dont want it polluting the systems....
1)Fleece anything!
3)Hard Drive and Video card!!!
a second Hard drive so i can run Raid 0 on em!!! harddrive CAN crap out cant ever be too safe!!
4)Christmas Eve with my Boyfriend *snuggle* nothing can compare to that!
5) Snow!!!!! christmas w/o snow is like bread w/o butter.... yech!
Top 5 things to write in yellow snow.
Top 5 Christmas movies/TV specials.

Corny, yes, but 'tis the season to be creamy.
Top 5 Pantera songs in honor of Dimebag Darrell.
Top 5 pick-up lines involving the phrase 'Ho Ho Ho'.
Top 5 body parts to wrap/put a bow on and call a 'special Christmas present'.
Top 5 ways to eat a bowl of oatmeal while sharing a sleeping bag with another entity. In the snow. Under a pine tree. With reindeer watching.
Top 5 flavors of sno-cones.
Top 5 ways to pop those stupid blow up lawn characters (like the grinch and scooby doo all christmased up))
Best present recived/given

Also my last comment i ment to put "couldnt"
1)Hot Chocolate
3)Christmas Specials
4)Christmas Songs
5)Seeing your breath when you exhale

Top 5 Christmas Songs.
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top five about winter:
5. Hot chocolate
4. Ice skating on a lake
3. Snow
2. Seeing my friends who return from university
1. Christmas

what about top five christmas songs?
or cookies types?
or christmas tree colours?
i have an idea for the next entry's 5 best presents you got during the holidays hope u can use it!

<3 amanda
1)Mistle Toe
4)Christmas tree + lights
5)Hot chocolate

top five christmas songs
1. snowman
2. hot cocoa
3. snow
4. skiing
5. christmas


Top 5 things to do on snow days.
-hot chocolate
-snow...except I live in SC and we NEVER get any
3. going away to warm places
5. um... new years

1. Cuddling under a big blanket with someone special
2. Christmas Lights
3. Snowboarding
4. Giving Presents
5. Snowball Fights

...oh how i love the snow, and I can't wait until it finally arrives!!
1. break from school.
2. a bit of change from california's monotonous weather.
3. angst over crushes seems magnified when it's raining and you're inside lonely.
4. candy canes, eggnog, and pumpkin pie are in style.
5. less cleavage, more modesty.
Hello, I like the new entries but jsut a tip, you should try to crosslink the titles or name or something to theyre diary
2. presents!!!
3. snow!!!!!!!
4. ice skating/sledding!!!!
5. being with my friends/family
Numba 1: Going home to see family and friends
Numba 2: Going back to cold weather
Numba 3: A break from school
Numba 4: Christmas!! need i say more
Numba 5: The new it up!
1:snow and cold weather
2:shivering constantly and everybody always being red and cute
3:giving presents
4:getting presents
5:getting a break from school to just hang out with firends and whatnot
For next time, how about fave Christmas shows OR Christmas songs.
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Surprise, surprise.

snow, ugg boots, coats with fuzzy hoods, sitting by the fireplace on rainy days, giving presents on christmas
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And the friends page thing. That is also so so awesome.

Good idea.

Happy 100.

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-lack of mr. dinkler
-slightly colder weather/rain(a bone chilling 65 degrees)
-realizing that i do still love nick
-knowing that i get to drop mr. dinkler's class after finals
the friends thing is confusing the hell out of me...and i don't like how i can't go to my friends list and click on their username and get to their just shows me their last entry...i can't even see comments or anything.
how do i get to their pages?!!
cold toes.
scarves, mittins.
fireplaces, hot cocoa!
wearing more clothes!
holiday fundraisers. charity.