Just when you thought we couldn't get any cooler -- SURPRISE! We just launched a new store- There are only a few items on there now, but we're busy populating it with new things here and there. If you have comments, suggestions, let us know! Thanks, Scott
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hello scott!

how've you been? the family? the new website? wonderful, i hope!

i've just been curious.. what are the chances of an image manager coming back to the site? i'd love to have one again!


The password reset on the help forum does not work. How are we supposed to get our passwords? I've read countless comments about deleting accounts and retrieving passwords. This shouldn't be something too big for you to handle. Can you please help us out? My journal that I want to log into is: epiphany.

email me @
Any chance we're ever going to get order on our posts or at least the correct dates back on them?
Congrats on the new store, guys! I hope it's successful.
I really really need to delete my account. Even though I wrote something in like 2006...someone found it and asked me to delete it. I just want to delete my entire account.

I mean seriously....I should be able to do this without begging you. But, alas here I am pleading like crazy that you delete this or atleast shoot me an email with some kind of answer at
I need help with my account. Please email me.
how do i change my password?
add more stuff already! ;)
That's awesome Scott! Great colours, super cute. I love the bags. But I'm a girl. We all love bags, it's weird.

A whole bunch of us went away recently - namely sitd users rororo, myself, camila, joooey, matchbook and greeneggsam. It was a sort of unofficial sitdiary holiday. I'll get onto one of the girls to send you a snap!
I was expecting SitDiary swag... oh well. There's certainly an audience out there for this stuff :)
Awesome stuff. It makes me wish that I had a kid or that I was going to have one. Good news is that I know lots of people who are having kids and your stuff would make great gifts. Keep up the good work!
ah, your entrepeneurial spirit never ceases to amaze. may i suggest that you add a section where sitDiary users can list items for sale? i don't know what legal jugomaboo goes with, but it would certainly enhance the site. say hello to your family for me.