Yellow, I plan to move to over the weekend. Right now, forwards to By Monday, will forward to A lot of people are concerned that the close-community feeling will disappear with changes like these, but I really doubt that. You're an awesome crowd. Oh and by the way, before anyone asks- - You will not lose your diary - You will not lose entries - You will not lose your settings - I might lose hair but hopefully just weight Also, I'm going to shut the site down for several hours to facilitate the change. (I wouldn't want anyone to update their diary and have the updated information get lost). Don't worry, you'll have fair warning. Fiercely yours, Scott -------------------------------------- Oh yes-
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i love that logo.
i love it. nice job, whoever did it
so it won't be any harder to find this site?
i like the big chair better...
Hey! I just wanted to let u know that Afallenangel is no longer being used! So if you can delete that for me that would be great! Thank you so much! :)

kool design...Um I seem to have problems and I like need ur help as soon as u can coz this place is like my life and yeah....My entries and everything seems to have disapeared, if i go into preferences I can see the entries list but when i click on one of them they disapear....What do I do.....*cries*.....I cant see anyones comments either as u might have guessed as I cant see entry....Nor can anyone leave comments..........Help.....
oo lala...i like....thanks for such a great site scott!! much love -kim-
is there a way i can find out who an aninymous (cant spell) person is with just there number thing that shows up??
Is there a problem with uploading pictures lately or is it just me? It's not going through for me...
well psychocutter obviously doesn't pay attention to the front page either cuz it says in this entry that will forward to the new address. :]

and i love the two logos, especially the recliner.

will i lose my entries?

will i lose my diary?

will i lose my settings?

can i lose some weight?
well i guess the change is cool. cant see any real negatives to doing. lead on scott! yarr!
I love the chair. It think this will be great. It will forward to this site if you if type right? B/c a lot of people don't pay attention to the front page.--
Beg you, I would stalk you until you called the cops on me and then still at that point ask for the autograph while you were filing a restraining order against me crazy ass!

By the way, no more chubby Sara's should be allowed to join this site, we have one too many, maybe we could all pitch in to get her a gym membership or something, cause this is just crazy! :)

i love the new design. its SO much better.

id wear that. yah, only as an undershirt, but id still wear it.

jk, id wear it over all my clothes and beg you to autograph it.
If I lost weight, it would be because one of my limbs fell off. There's no way I can get any skinnier. know, just to make you feel fat.
This is cause for major celebration.

*dance dance dance*


oh my god!!! discrimination !

oh my god.

i need to lose 15 pounds. everyone should sponsor me. thatd be so great.

do it for the site!!!
well... you probably should lose some weight, I mean it would be best for the company! :P