So yea

I guess I kinda over reacted with my last post, he texted me back ther next morning saying he fell asleep and mention how I went crazy with all my texts. Honestly based on pass experiences with him I expcted him to say horrible things to me and never talk to me again. When he thinks that I blow him off or make excuses to not hang out with him he dose this thing where he ingores me, so I though that he was doing that.

Well anyway again because of texting he hates me and never wants to speak to me aagin, its so easy for a text to come out wrong and for it to not sound as we plan, he saw his ex girlfriend today and told me about it, because he saw her he remembered that he wanted to ask me about a post somone left on a picture I tagged out mutural friend in, now this guy who commented on the picture is a friend of my bosses, I met him once he came in for a massage, apparently the B factor knows him because of his ex. I didn't know but he was the guy he told me about before that supposply set his car alarm off when he was at party with his ex, this was last year then he started going off on me about things that he thinks happen when they didnt, called me a lair then chaged the subject to talking about games I said that I was hurt, he asked why, I said believe what you want but that Tyler guy was not there that night and that I was the one standing up for him when everyone else was talking shit.

He was then like well I remeber both sides of the sotry and it dosent make either one of them ture, I got upset because he is clearly thinking of his ex and taking out his anager about her on me and I said that he was clearly thinking of her cause he saw her today and maybe it was a sign that he saw her and that he should send her a message and she would be happy to hear from him.

He took it the wrong way, I didn't mean for it to sound bitchy but it did he told me he didn't need bitching in his life and for me to leave him the fuck alone. After that I tried to explain to him I didnt mean it the way it sounded and also said that I was happy that after months of him not talking to me it made me happy to hear from him and that she would feel the same.

It's obivious he still cares for her, hes just so stubbron he wont ever admit he misses anyone or contact them first. Girls like it when guys show they think of them and care.

I know he dosen't give two shits about me and I'm ok with that but I still want to help him. I feel like thats why he keeps ending up back in my life. I'm suppose to help him. The way he views life and people is so cold and horrible, He is cold and alone in the dark and I feel its my job to show him the light and warmth that life has to offer.

He needs to learn that not everyone is evil, not everyone has hidden intentions, to stop over thinking everything and see things for what they really are.

I may be alone and have no one but helping people makes me not feel so alone, I believe I'm one of those people who are meant to be single and help guide others, to help them see the world in a better light, help them open their hearts and minds.

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